Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Because you’re roseate

Do you have some time for me, I'll tell you how I dreamed about you last night? On rare occasions, I recall that I had a dream at all, but I know every single...

Perseverance Without Vision is Wasted Strategy

The end goal is the connection between your passion and the many actions steps you will choose to realize that passion. The end goal drives

Leaving the smoking battlefield

Not so early, they pronounced me a smoker. Why now, when smoke has gone through me for several years? I don't know, I'm probably addicted due to their habits, the official carrier of the...

I want to earn less

Work - Money - Work Dear "proletarian", you and I share the same capital status, by definition, it is a middle class. We work our whole life for a stack of paper that is printed...

Phoenix’s lifeless outlook

Day 1 Lord of fire, what is the most important human trait? I began to doubt that it was not empathy. "Empathy has never been, though it will become in the future. Power is the...