Perseverance Without Vision is Wasted Strategy


There are many definitions of success. For some, success definitely means wealth accumulation. For others, the accomplishment of a goal or purpose signifies success. Moreover, the attainment of popularity or profit can also be success for some. And then, there are those who find success in inner peace – without much thought to wealth or money. None of these definitions are wrong. It all depends on where a person is on his/her journey. Whatever definition we attribute to success — we need to apply vision, strategy, and passion to accomplish it. Many people have often told me not to look at the end goal. They say, “persevere and trust the process.” However, these past few weeks, I have come to realize that you should look at the end goal. You need to visualize your results, and then strategize around those results. I have found that if you don’t, you will waste strategy – without knowing exactly where you are going. You will do so much, and end up in many places. This can be tiring, unless working tirelessly without an end goal in mind is also your definition of success. To put it simply, perseverance without vision is wasted strategy.

The End Goal Matters

I am of the inclination that every successful thing we do in life requires direction. A successful end goal entails a clear vision. It entails a depiction or an indication of the fruits of your endeavors. A clear vision of the end goal helps you strategize your action steps. It gives you a conception of the future, and what you wish to see or accomplish. A clear vision also guides you to persevere with as many strategies as possible to attain your goal. Whereas, persevering without a clear end goal in mind limits the endless possibilities or action steps you can undertake to realize that goal. A vision of the end goal helps you tackle challenges along the way, because you know what you eventually want. Tough times motivate you to push harder or find new ways of working, rather than put you down. Without a vision, you run around endlessly. Your goals start to look like routine, and/or an accumulation of purposeless events. The end goal is the connection between your passion and the many actions steps you will choose to realize that passion. The end goal drives perseverance, and fosters resilience.

A vision is the ladder that leads to success

Goal Setting and Action Steps

One goal setting technique that helps me, is picturing or knowing exactly what I want. This process encompasses self-knowledge. You need to know yourself, and your specifications. Self-knowledge fosters empowerment, and helps you recognize your shortcomings. You shouldn’t put limits on your dreams, however no one can do everything on earth. No one has the mental and physical capacity to do everything under the sun.

Start small

The first step to getting anything done is to identify what you need to do. Ask yourself all of the intrinsic questions. What do you wish to accomplish? What is your vision? Jot down everything you need (and want) to do. I like to classify items by difficulty and priority as well. If you’re easily overwhelmed, you may want to organize your list into categories, or multiple smaller lists. For example, short-term goals, long-term goals, bucket lists, creative projects, collaborations, and tasks. Once you have your list, pick one thing to focus on. Just one. Don’t start with your most ambitious goal. Instead, go for something lower on the difficulty scale that won’t take months to accomplish. You want it to be relatively easy because you may be involved in other things at the moment. Once that is done – no matter how small it is – you’ll feel motivated to take on something else. You have started small and you have accomplished a “small win”. You have added an ingredient to the recipe for happiness.

Pull it Apart

Be specific about what you want to achieve. “Start a successful business” is too vague. “Sell services or products” is better. “Find ways to sell x or y” is perfect (start small, remember?) Next, break it down into bite-size pieces or milestones. This allows you to easily identify a starting point, and reduces the chance that you’ll get overwhelmed before you begin. You can use an app to keep track of these pieces, or use a notebook or bullet journal (my personal preference).

For example, if you want to start a blog, your breakdown might look like this:

1. Decide what your overall message will be

2. Decide which design will best display your message

3. Go through your notes and review what you wrote earlier.

4. Ask around for suggestion.

5. Educate yourself further on the matter

6. Collaborate with like-minded people.

You may think of more things to add to this list later on, but be mindful not to overwhelm yourself with too many steps. This is your plan, so adjust it as you see fit. Remember to cross off each task that you complete, for a little extra boost of motivation. Do all of this while keeping your vision in mind. Remember, perseverance without vision is wasted strategy. Your vision is what creates possibilities for the strategies that you use to enrich your future.


  1. This is so right. I see so many people who are hard workers fail because while they have perseverence, they don’t have a plan so they end up spinning their wheels in wasted effort. It is so important to reevaluate goals and actions to make sure that they are in synch and to create a path of actionable items to help you reach your goals.

  2. Take everything step by step.. Nothing can be achieved in a single day. I liked the way you have divided this article into parts to make readers understand. Good job 🙂

  3. I so agree with you: it’s not about working hard, but about working towards your goals, you vision! Great post!

  4. I find it interesting when people say “trust the process but don’t fixate on the end goal.” Keeping an end goal in mind to me is incredibly critical in order to see it through to completion. And I agree…sometimes getting the smallest task done first helps build momentum in getting other important or more time-consuming ones done.

  5. Focus no matter odds may come forth is always the key. This is such a reminder of what someone can do to work things they wanted.

  6. As I am not one who enjoys working tirelessly without reason, I am a goal setter. I have learned that sometimes along the journey those goals may need to be changed but that is true with many things in life.

  7. I agree with this. There really should be a goal when doing anything. Every action there should be a purpose for doing so. Starting can indeed be overwhelming but we should start small because if we focus on doing EVERYTHING all at the same time, sadly we wont be able to give our 100%. Thank you for this inspiring post!

  8. I definately needed to read this post today. I bought a website a year ago and it’s still blank. Not a single post is on it. I didn’t have a plan in mind when I bought it and I need to figure that out and learn to set goals.

  9. Agreed. There must be purpose in all your actions. Having a goal in mind is absolutely necessary, otherwise, it’s just busy work. Busy work is a waste of time.

  10. Perseverance is so important. Important to take actions to make sure that they create a path of action to help you reach your goals.

  11. I love this post! I completey agree with starting with the small goals because reaching those smalls goals make you continue to perserve to the big goals. Great read!

  12. I love the way you break this down. Perseverance is only one path of the puzzle — it takes a whole set of steps to get to your goals! Thank you for sharing!

  13. This is so true. Perseverance without some sort of vision is really the definition of insanity. Keeping doing the same thing and expecting a different result. You have to have vision to be able to accomplish anything.

  14. It’s important to start with a goal, and then look for ways of working towards that goal, rather than working endlessly without a specific objective in mind. Thanks for the reminder and the push to set smart goals

  15. Whatever we want in life, we should always have goals coz it keeps us focus. Without it, our perseverance will only like a game.

  16. Perseverance is a very important character trait for you to be successful in life. It means determination at working hard regardless of any odds or obstacles that may exist. It is to insist and to be firm on getting something done and not giving up.

  17. This is what I’m teaching my athletes to do! seems like a lost art to vision an outcome. I coach soccer, so I tell them to vision themselves making goals making break aways, etc… and down the line to vision winning the league and/or tournaments, etc…
    I also teach preschool and love introducing ‘visioning/imagining’ to them.
    It’s vital for accomplishing and staying on task and as a motivation factor.


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